Rebuild Malvern Hills Pool!

For nearly 90 years, Malvern Hills Pool has been a treasured recreational space for Asheville. The pool will not open this summer due to maintenance needs.

West Asheville residents, families and summer camps rely on this pool for an affordable way to cool off during the summer months. Historically, free swimming lessons have been offered here every summer, improving access to this important skill for low-income families.

We urge the City of Asheville to work with the Parks and Recreation Department to ensure that any long-range plans include the timely renovation and reopening of this important community resource.

When Asheville Parks and Recreation presents its "Recreate Asheville" plan, we would like it to include a commitment to renovating the Malvern Hills Pool.

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The Asheville Department of Parks & Recreation is seeking community input on its long-term plan for our city. It is crucial that those who support rebuilding the pool make their voices heard and ask the city to prioritize rebuilding the pool in their long-term plans. 

Wednesday, March 27 - April 15
Online survey available on the City of Asheville’s virtual engagement hub.

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History of Malvern Hills Pool

Malvern Hills Park opened as Horney Heights Park in 1922. Construction on the pool began in 1934 and was completed the next year using federal New Deal funding. City officials formally dedicated the park, pool, and bathhouse to the community on June 15, 1936.

In 1970, new walls were placed in the pool which reduced its size by seven inches. The same year, a filtration system was installed. Prior to this, the pool was drained and refilled once a week to ensure clean water. The U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD)’s Open Space program funded extensive improvements in 1973 including a complete remodel of the bathhouse, and additional deck space around the pool.

City and neighborhood leaders at the opening of Malvern Hills Pool, June 15 1936.

Young women awaiting the opening of the pool, June 15, 1936.